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Klingert Chiropractic Child Testimony

Guy said: Great story, 2010-05-23 09:20:53

Keli said: Last one to utilize this is a rotten egg!, 2011-09-05 01:35:45

Johnelle said: It's always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!, 2012-10-14 16:20:56

Pritam said: A BOOK REVIEW by Richard H. Tyler, DC former associate editor, Dynamic Chiropractic HOW TO AVOID BACK SURGERY CHIROPRACTIC THE PROVEN METHOD FOR BACK PAIN by J.C. Smith, DC 1800-336-2013Most patients come to our respective offices with the express purpose of relieving either neck or low back pain. Everything else is incidental. While spinal adjustments and other conservative methods often have a salubrious effect upon the welfare of the entire physiology of the patient it's the pain that drives them into most chiropractic offices. There are always those who really don't plan to get well. Not too long ago a patient came to me with a low back problem. Nothing unusual. He would come in only when he felt he needed to. No maintenance for him just adjust as needed. No amount of reasoning could change his mind. I was thinking of releasing him from further care but he beat me to it. He informed me that he had decided on surgery for his low back. It seemed that some greedy surgeon decided he could make some extra money by letting a little blood fly. In the meantime the patient went along with the idea because it offered him a way to get on permanent disability. Mind you there was nothing seriously wrong with his back. To see him you would never guess he was feeling any pain. And he was sure that a little carving would assure him a ticket to a seat in the rocking chair with a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Unfortunately, he didn't know or want to know the dismal record of failed back surgery. How sad it is that a profession with our historic record of success with low back pain has little more than some pamphlets to do the majority of education of our patients. When it becomes a question of educating the public about surgical options something more comprehensive is needed. Perhaps I should say at this point was needed. Dr. J.C. Smith is probably one of the chiropractic profession's most articulate communicators. He has the wonderful gift to write in such a way that it becomes almost conversational so that the reader doesn't feel that he or she is getting a lecture while being informed. The only fault I find is that he should have written How to Avoid Back Surgery a long time ago. The book is in soft cover and is only 130 pages. In other words, there isn't any wasted verbiage it's just hard hitting facts that both the patient and the doctor can learn from. In its five chapters Dr. Smith covers how to avoid surgery, decision making, risks, research and answers. Each chapter is fully referenced and a bibliography is supplied. At one point the author alludes to the fact that the U.S. has three times as many operations for disc problems as in Canada and nine times as many as in Europe. Are we that much more susceptible to spinal problems or are our surgeons that much greedier? This book gives the reader the information to answer that question and much more. With some for whatever the reason they choose surgery but for the vast majority they would do almost anything to keep from going under the knife and J.C. Smith's latest effort to educate the public gives them the information they need to justify their choice for conservative alternatives. J.C. Smith is a brilliant essayist and educator and How to Avoid Back Surgery is an excellent example of his technique and style. Certainly another jewel in his treasure chest of shared knowledge. Get the book for yourself and for your patients and everyone will benefit., 2012-10-14 18:57:41

Aman said: I've being seeing Dr. Mark for 5 months now. I have found him to be knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and fun! He was extremely helpful and responsive when I needed help one holiday weekend and opened up his office for me. With having many chronic health conditions and having primarily been under the care of a medical doctor, I am seeking a more holistic approach to the management of my health as Western medicine does not have all the answers to my questions concerning my well-being and overall health. Dr. Mark and I often discuss this while he is treating me and inadvertently mentioned one day that I was going for Carpel Tunnel surgery! He asserted oh I can treat that, so I proceeded to let him! After about 6 treatments I have started to be free of the major Carpel Tunnel symptoms of pins and needles, numbness and gnawing aches and am avoiding surgery! It is here that I want to stress that surgery is not the only solution! I have been well supported through the years by Chiropractic treatments and it has definitely addressed all aspects of my heath and one can see very clearly that body, mind and spirit do all affect one another. Dr. Mark's skills, professionalism and compassion are demonstrated every visit. He listens closely and supports my goal for optimal health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Mark, 2012-10-17 16:53:35

Erin Gibbs said: I've been meaning to write on the site for a while now. I have seriously had so many success stories with the Klingerts that I have a hard time picking which one to share. I can think of 3 specific times when I was considering going to the Emergency Room because the pain was so bad and I was out of ideas on how to fix it. The one time was during my pregnancy with my son Jude and I was certain I had a broken rib (the pain was so horrible)...I was certain it was Emergency Room worthy. On my way to the Emergency Room, I decided to stop off at Alysun's office...I was literally there for no more than 20 minutes and left feeling perfect...I had had adjustments before then but that was my first account of instant relief...I definitely became a firm believer in chiropractic care. Another story happened not even 2 months neck was in a lot of pain but I kept dismissing it until it got so bad that I finally made the time to get in and see Rich. After my visit, I would feel okay for a few hours and then go back to being really bad...I was certain that my problem was not going to get better with just chiropractic care...I really thought something was broken or I needed surgery or something but I continued to go because of the relief I felt after our visits and I really didn't know how to go about seeing if I needed surgery. This time took a little longer for the pain to all-together go away but the pain was completely gone in about 2 weeks time making me once again a very firm believer in chiropractic care. I was convinced that I would have needed surgery with the pain I was feeling and I'm scared to think of the kind-of suggestions that might have been made and even considered if I sought other help on this issue. But Rich, Alysun, and Kasey were so helpful during this time...all going out of their way to help me... and have been a blessing to my family and our health!, 2012-11-16 07:06:26

Cookie Campagna said: Just want to comment on how much the Klingert Chiropractors have helped our family through the years. We have been patients for over 30 years. We have been through many "crises" in our health where Rich and his team have helped us. Rich continues to educate himself to be able to help his patients more affectively. Thank you Klingert Family Chiropractic!, 2016-10-31 12:14:06

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